Card does not work with Uber


Are you using the new Wirecard-issued cards or the old PaySafe-issued cards?


No idea :grimacing:
How can I know ??

EDIT : I looked at the back of the card, it says Wirecard :wink:


The old PaySafe-issued cards used to work with Uber (at least for Uber UK.).

My workaround was to get a :r: virtual card (which are still issued by PaySafe) and pair that with Uber.


Ok but it’s working now eh !


It still does not work for me?

When I order an uber, I get a misrepresentation instead of confirming my email, though I have already done it?

When I contact uber support they says that to look at the problem, I have to submit a picture on my bank card

When I contact uber support they say that the reason why you can not order an uber is because we do not allow prepaid debit cards

!! :((


What country did you select for the Uber card country, and to which country was your card issued ?


I live in Sweden and want to use uber here, but when I added the Revolution card in uber, I chose the UK and E14 5AB


Unable to add Revolut card to Uber. Card issued and used in the UK. When adding a card I see authorization for 0GBP from Uber pending in my Revolut account. Uber just reports “Issue with your payment method”. Revolut support just tells to take it up with Uber. Given how many people run into the problem, may I suggest that Revolut takes it up with Uber instead, please.

I see no reason to pay extra 5GBP to try a virtual card as was suggested earlier.

Yes, I have several other non prepaid cards added to the same Uber account. Not the issue.

Any other clever ideas?


All seems OK here.
First I’ve added PayPal, then a Credit Card. After that I added my Revolut card, selecting Netherlands as a country.
Now I just need to actually order Uber…


Today I just managed to add Revolut to Uber, finally! I don’t know if anything has changed, but it worked fine, being the 3rd card on my Uber account, and selecting Portugal as card’s country. The payment went through, no issues there. My card was issued by Wirecard, for the record.

Happier now :grin:


If the card is in Paypal, does it solve it?


Guys, I managed to add the virtual card by selecting UK country (I am from Greece) after several unsuccessful attempts. But when I try to pay with the virtual card the payment fails with a message that it cannot be processed. Any ideas why this happens?


For me it worked last night (just re added the card as I had a problem with my Uber account :man_facepalming:)
Added using UK as address/ country. No other clicks or something.

Be sure the name in the uber app is the same as the name in Revolut

Ps. $2.25 for 6.7km :laughing:


While I am able to add the card, payments with it are not accepted. From what I see for many using revolut cards with Uber is not working. I don’t understand why they advertise specifically Uber as a use case… This is disappointing.


Hmm, as a curiosity, in which currency you keep the money? Or they’re spread…?

I keep all in USD for now, and I didn’t had any problem with Uber. Probably I’ll have another ride tomorrow so I can tell exactly.


I keep them in euro. But why this to be problem since there is automatic money conversion?


No, I taught you have them spread between more currencies.

Then dunno, which address did you used in Uber?


UK address only that accepted


Me too, but used the romanian postcode.

Get the card out from Uber and try again. I did it yesterday :confused:


I tried already 3 times :roll_eyes: