Card does not work with Uber


Hey. I have confirmed this with the team and Revolut card works with Uber in Poland.

However, we can investigate this for you. Could you please drop me a DM?


FYI for everyone, Andreas worked with me and we got my card added to Uber. Victory! :slight_smile:

Thank you again, Andreas!
What we did is we generated a virtual card and it got added to Uber like charm- seems to be a good workaround for those whose card won’t add to Uber.
Hopefully Revolut will make sure all the cards can be added to Uber, as this seems to be a technical issue, and not a formal one.

Side note: Uber support was a joke and a huge disappointment, so don’t expect any reliable information of them.



Like the others, I’ve got issues to add my revolut card to Uber. I’ve got an other card added but still “Something went wrong…”. I’m from France. I don’t know what to do… :frowning:


Is this in the Uber app or the Revolut app?

If it’s the Uber app you’ll have to contact Uber’s support staff. If it’s on Revolut’s end, I’m sure @AndreasK can help.


Well, it is Uber that sends this message when I try to add it :confused:. Everything seems fine for Revolut!


Hey! Do you have a bank card linked to your uber right?


Hey! Yes I do, my Mastercard from my French bank


Please help me too!

I can not add a virtual card from revolut to my account on the uber app I get misleading:

An issue with the payment has been detected.

Select the country to which you will receive the invoice.

I have already added my regular bank card but still does not work?

I am from Sweden


I also have the same problem. Uber support told me that in the country where I’m based (Portugal), pre-paid cards are not accepted. I have another debit Master Card added to the account, working OK.

Any thoughts on how can I make this work? The virtual Revolut card has a cost, so I’d like to avoid that solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have the same problem! Can you fix it for me? I have another card (french card) linked to my Uber account and my Revolut still doesn’t work with Uber…


Many have trouble with uber, have you no solution?


Hei! What country did you put? I’m trying to insert a virtual revolut card on uber and it’s not working. I chose Portugal (my country)… but maybe this is wrong?


Try another country. Like the UK (put the post code that belongs to Revolut E14 5AB). It may work then.


Thanks. I’ve done it and it still didn’t work but now I think that the problem might be Uber’s since any payment method I try, revolut or not, simply doesn’t work… whereas I know Portuguese people who used those methods and it worked. I’m waiting for an answer from Uber. Lets see. :slight_smile:


Thenks!!! you are best! it worked :smiley:


Hey I’m very glad :slight_smile:


Long discussion, short solution: GUYS ADD YOUR VIRTUAL NOT PHYSICAL CARD TO UBER. WORKS. End of story.


Thanks. I had the same problem with Uber - but selecting UK as a country did help. Adding 99999 for ZIP code did work for me too. Crucial was selecting UK for the country. Anyway I still didn’t try to use is and to make real payment - i hope this is going to work too


While you’re on it: an Uber Black discount for premium members might be appealing to some people.


Edit : actually I had ordered the card in France but then changed the shipping address to Switzerland, and I just had to add it with Switzerland as the country, not France. IT’S WORKING NOW :wink:

Wrong, it is currently not working for me in France.
Precision : I have two other cards, and added a third one after trying the Revolut card, which worked. So it’s clearly Revolut ! Even with UK, and 99999 as zip code.