Card does not work with Uber


I was able to add the card to the Uber app, but when Uber tried to charge me at the end of a trip, the payment was declined. I tried at least with 4 different trips and I had to resort to paying with another card.

Adding a card for payment

Uber does not officially support the Revolut card which causes some of our users to experience issues when trying to use their service. We’re currently trying to establish a connection with Uber to resolve this matter permanently for our users.


Would revolut work with uber if I were to use PayPal as my uber payment method and have the revolut card in my PayPal wallet?


I used it past week twice, in two different countries.
no problem.


Revolut still doesn’t work with Uber in Chili.
Do you have some news to resolve this issue?


Is there any update on this? I am currently travelling in India and with Uber being the most convenient/cheapest way to get around here, I’d like to know where I stand. I’ve heard some Revolut cards work but most do not…I seem to be in the latter group. I’ve entered my Revolut details as a payment method on the Uber app but when I go into the Revolut app, it says Uber have sent an “Authorisation request. It will disappear soon”, which is pending…however I see no way to authorise it, even after searching through Google.


Any idea when this will work? Same case for my uber - its business profile (set up in Qatar initially used globally) - but I cant even register the card. takes 4pln, but then uber reports errror.


any updates? I can’t even add my Revolut card to Uber


What’s the status for Revolut / Uber? Is it going to work, ever?


Hi guys.

You can use Revolut with Uber. In fact it’s our customer’s second most popular places to spend!

Tip: Revolut is a prepaid card & Uber requires you to add another credit card. So make sure you have an additional bank card linked to your UBER account!

Companies which accepts only cards linked to a bank account

Well then there’s something seriously wrong with Uber/Revolut cooperation for non-UK applications or something.

I have 1 credit card, 1 “normal” debit card and Android Pay all added and enabled in Uber. Still, it won’t let me add Revolut and say ‘There’s something wrong with this card. Please try adding another one’. What gives?

UBER will ask for a country when adding a card.
When I select Poland, it clearly doesn’t work. When I select the UK- it prompts for a zip code. No matter what I input there, it doesn’t work either.

Any tips for selecting the country and zip code by any chance?


Uber used to work with the pre-paid PaySafe card, but doesn’t seem to work with the new pre-paid Wirecard cards (Both use GBP as the base currency.).


Thanks for the clue, Capital!

@AndreasK Can you check this and elaborate? Frankly, I can’t think of another service where Revolut card would be sooooo useful as Uber.
Ubering in different countries with different currencies is just a perfect fit for multi-currency card. Would be awesome to have it added.

So far, I got 4 (sic!) cards added and need to remember which number is which to support all the world currencies, by 3 separate cards from Alior Kantor and a PLN credit card. Long story-short, with Revolut I’ll be able to go down to two cards :slight_smile:


Strangely enough, UberEATS (Uber’s food delivery division. Competitors include Deliveroo, Seamless in the US, …) works perfectly fine with a Wirecard-issued Revolut card.

A workaround now is to generate a virtual card (Issued under PaySafe.) and use that with Uber.

Some clarification on this issue would be great though.


This is annoying and the workaround is probably not worth the hassle, as the virtual card isn’t for free; I can just stay where I am with other cards.

Team Revolut- what’s going on with Wirecard & Uber. Even Rita claims that one can use Revolut with Uber. Clearly, not true in my case.



Just spoke to Uber support. Not the best support out there, BTW, Revolut is light years ahead! :slight_smile:

Anyway, Uber support keeps claiming the card is not officially supported. So it seems like we’re at mercy of our own luck- you either get the card added or not. This is not fun.


Really odd.

I’ve used other neobanks’ pre-paid Mastercard debit cards and they’ve worked with Uber.

How does a card not get ‘officially supported’? Odd reason.


It is supported, I use my Revolut card with Uber UK.

Like I mentioned above, Uber requires a bank card to be added apart from Revolut card.


Thanks, Andreas!

That probably clarifies some of the issues- apparently Uber has a per-country card policy, and, surprise surprise, Polish customers are treated in an inferior way.

I do have a credit card added to my account, but when I try to add Revolut on the top of that, Uber won’t let me do it.
The official support answer was such as it was. Prepaid cards are not supported, end of story.

Is there anything you can do / investigate to see if non-UK / Polish customers could use Revolut with Uber then?


Yes, the policy seems to vary country to country. When I added another prepaid card (Curve), linked to Revolut, it wouldn’t allow me when I inputted my home country or the UK in the add Card details. But when I tried adding Italy as the card provenance then hey presto… it got accepted! Go figure?