Card didn't arrive


Hello! I pay €6 to order a card from 17 december 2017 but it didn’t arrive yet! I need the card urgently! any suggestions?


Press that “didn’t arrived” button and order the card again. Should be free.
But be aware: nowadays seems the cards are sent with a huge delay…

So. No fast option…


It doesn’t show me the didn’t arrive button


Lol. Not there.

If you ordered a card, should show the card. Under it is somethings bf with “card didn’t arrived”


Did you deleted your card, canceled or freeze?

Because your card should appear there with an estimated arrival time/ posting and ordering date on a pinky bar.


Ok so what do i have to do now? I have to pay again?
Here is the order


No you don’t have to. They will refund the initial payment.

But you have to proceed through their in app support. Also under the card you initially ordered should be an option if didn’t arrived to report it as blocked and reorder.

I guess in app support could be a bit slow now due to high demand and Monday morning, I recommend you to get in contract with @AndreasK , he seems to be the :r: hero


Ok thank you very much for the replies!


Could you please send me a direct message?