Card Designs

At Revolut, we really care about how you feel about our product :pray: That is why we would love for you to have a voice!!

Share your ideas on what you would keep or change with the Revolut cards designs :credit_card:

Maybe you would like the freedom to create your own custom designs? :thinking:
Or maybe you would like to have more colour options :paintbrush:

We look forward to hearing what you can come up with :rocket:


If you wre to make any changes to the card, I would like to see you remove the card number, the expiration date and the CCV from the card completely. With the information in the app, there is no need to have that date on the card. It would also make it more secure in circumstances where you hand your card off to a waitress in restaurants and they take your card away.

This is not the case in Norway though as they waitresses brings a card reader to your table, also I can’t remember the last time I actually used my physical card. Living in Norway all merchants that gives you the option to pay with VISA and MasterCard are required by the same companies to accept contactless payments.


In all honesty, card design means nothing to me - I barely use a physical card.

There are lots of other things I’d want to see change first. Like app home screen customisation, ability to turn off bits of the app I’m just never going to use…


Since this topic is open in another thread, I’m just dropping a link to my response there, in which I posted a mock-up of portrait-oriented Revolut cards…

I also added a poll in this post, to see whether people prefer a horizonal/landscape design or a vertical/portrait one. Have your say!

Design is not as important as functionality. We need yearly trading reports to be able to fill taxes and ETF’s in trading for example. The color of the card is cool, but as long as we don’t have basic features in the app it shouldn’t be a priority.

Edit: Just wanted to say I appreciate your work a lot and didn’t want to sound mean, just my opinion

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