Card delivery do Ireland

I have ordered my card on 6th of February with the estimated delivery for Friday 16th, but my flight has been rescheduled and I need it on 15th. Is there a chance I will get it? What experience do you have? Did your cards arrived earlier than estimated delivery? How long was it from making an order to the day you got it?

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Hey @mateuszm :slight_smile:

I have received 2 cards through normal delivery. One was right on time. The other one was delivered one day early. I wouldn’t count on receiving it early :frowning:

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Thanks Juliopp - I will order additional to my destination place

Anyone else gone through this in Ireland? Ever received it on the estimated day or later? I ask because it says it’d arrive May 11th standard, but €20 for it to be here May 1st. My flight is May 12th and I’m very pressed for money. Usually it doesn’t take longer than 5 days for something come from UK to Ireland.