Card delivery & Customer Service’less


I signed up for a Premium Account and immediately fell in love wth the app and the virtual card functionality; this product will save me a tonne of money I thought. All very optimistic until card delivery…

Card ordered on 21st Dec, posted 22nd Dec and expected delivery via Royal Mail (as a ‘premium‘ customer!) today / 27th Dec.

I never received the SMS with tracking details, which didn’t bother me too much, that is, until the card never showed up today.

I have heard very negatively feedback from friends on Revolut’s Customer Service and regrettably I join that fraternity.

I messaged a live agent named Vadym at 15:47hrs and didn’t receive even an acknowledgement until 16:30hrs, when Vadym then some what abruptly said “Please, wait a moment. I need to check some information”; does it really take c.40mins?

17mins later I finally get a supposed Royal Mail tracking number and link to track the item; seems fair enough, until I realise the tracking number (I send and receive a lot of mail through Royal Mail), is one character short. I then message Vadym again asking for the correct tracking number at 17:00 and here I am, still, more than 30mins later, with no reply.

This is enough to put me on the verge of just closing my account. Especially if this is Revolut’s interpretation of a premium customer service experience.

I will refrain from screenshots as it shows Vadym’s face and there is nothing to gain from shaming, but come on Revolut?


looks like to me you forgot it was Christmas time, and that may be why your order was delayed…


I feel like you have very high expectations that potentially no one will meet. I’m a Premium customer too and got my card two days before the shown delivery date, and have been pretty happy with Revolut. To be fair, the in app customer service stinks but how often do you really need them?


@yongeneglinton - thanks for replying! The customer service does stink, which is exactly the problem; how can Revolut possibly expect a customer to entrust it’s platform with up to £25,000 a year of he / she’s money (based on the ‘Verification & limits’ section of the app), if you have no way of speaking via telephone to a representative. If Revolut must insist on web-based chat, don’t keep a customer waiting over 2 hours in total (in my case, Vadym finally responded with correct info over an hour later!) to satisfy, what is, in my opinion, a ‘vanilla’ query.

I think my expectations in this case were fair and valid -

(i) Receiving a tracking SMS - when the app says I’ve been sent a tracking number with the tracking details, I am not unreasonable to be frustrated when I don’t receive one, remember, if I had received this, I wouldn’t have necessarily had to speak to an agent!

(ii) Delivery speed - I am not naive enough, that I don’t realise that Christmas is a busy period and their can be lag in post deliveries. However, without that SMS giving me tracking info, I have no indication of the delivery method, thus cannot set expectations. i.e. Royal Mail (UK national postage system) or third-party courier.

(iii) Customer Service - I appreciate that the customer service agents can be busy, so just tell me that, just tell me you are busy, so I know you are working on my request, rather than long periods of silence, that require a customer to prompt for a response.


@revodrago - hi and thanks for replying. As per my response to @yongeneglinton, I totally get and observe that the postal system is strained this time of year and that public holidays slow down deliveries, however if I don’t receive my SMS with tracking info, I have no way of acknowledging the delivery method (private courier or national postal service) and that makes it hard to set expectations. I say this because Royal Mail (U.K national postal service) would most certainly be slower, however a courier would like not be.


I’ve ordered my first card on the 18th of December. Of course I have a premium account. Guess what? I still haven’t got my card. Actually from my everyday chats with agents seems it wasn’t even printed yet. Seriously 3 weeks to print a card is not enough for revolut. Congratulations, your truly a future of banking…


again, bad time you chose… and everyday chat with the same question? now wonder their support is that slow. I can imagine lots of ppl doing just that. :triumph:Preformatted text


@revodrago are you a troll or smth? You’re comment is a joke. It implies that as a client I shouldn’t have any expectations towards the company. If customer service provided true info about my card in the beginning that would solve the problem and they wouldn’t waist time on it any more.


im just stating my point of view.


Did you get your card?


@yongeneglinton no still no. I just contacted revolut. It still wasn’t sent yet.


My card was also not delivered. Support told me to order a new one! I said NO!


that is so brave of you! congrats! :smirk: