Card delivery company lost my card


Today was the date accorded to receive my new Revolut card in my work’s.
2 hours ago a random employee of my company emailed me to say that he found my my new card, he told me that he found it on the floor without any kind of wrap or package.
I asked to the guards security and no one left a package for me today so I think the delivery company lost it.

I would like to know WTF was going on with the delivery company and why they don’t notify that they lost the package.

What should I do now? Can you resend me a new card?
I don’t want to activate a card that could have been on other person hands.

Pd. The application stills saying that the card is in transit.

Use the in-app support. Revolut should be able to help you. Don’t forget to type ‘live agent’ to skip Rita

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Thanks, finally they refunded me the money and terminated the card so I’ve been able to order a new one.