Card delivery and customer service


Hi all,

My first post here so bear with me!

I ordered a new card with express delivery on Sunday, but haven’t received it yet.
Contacted customer service through the app yesterday morning, still waiting for an agent to contact me.

Is this normal?

I’m going on holiday next weekend so I’m getting anxious about this and want to get the card ASAP. I’m also worried about this poor customer service from the outset. It’s frustrating to not be able to speak to agent on the phone, but I understand it’s a cost cutting exercise. However, the in-app chat is very poor.

Yours truly,
Frustrated new customer


Premium card or standart.
If premium ask for tracking number.
If not sometimes express have also a tracking number.
I am a premium customer sometimes i wait 12-18 hours.
Ask youre question in chat after that send the words live agent and wait for answer they answer


I’m not on premium.
they did tell me the tracking number, and Royal Mail claim the card was delivered, which it wasn’t. Royal Mail now need to investigate this, potentially taking up to 10 working days.

I’m trying to contact Revolut again to ask them to send another card, but faced again with the absolutely awful customer service. This is by far the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with, including that of my local council, which takes some beating!

I won’t bother with Revolut, there’s no way I’m trusting them with my money. The forums are full of people with money missing from their accounts.

I advise everyone to stay well away from this joke of a company.


Ask that people missing money if they udated there thread after get the money back

No one does that