Card declined whilst travelling in paris


I made 2 chip and pin purchases and an ATM withdrawal earlier today without any issues. However, since the ATM withdrawalmy card has been declined on every occasion. I am stuck in Paris without any access to funds and my revolut card refuses to work. HELP!


Hey @Zane :slight_smile:

Card transactions are failing due to a technical problem :frowning: The issue seems to be intermittent and Revolut is working on a fix for it now. The moment the issue is resolved, the funds will be reverted to your account :wink:

If you use another card and incur in any FX costs, keep the receipts.


Hey @Juliopp
Quick update, card transactions are working again and app is supposed to be fully working very soon.

I would suggest asking :r: for an explanation. If you incurred in any FX costs, keep the receipt and send it to the support team.