Card declined, then ""reached monthly limit". What?


Just tried to make a $500 payment over the phone to a USA supplier, and the card was apparently declined due to them putting in my billing address wrong. It still showed up as pending in my Revolut account.

Added enough UK funds and converted to USD to cover the payment when they attempted it a second time, and the transaction was declined due to "“reached the monthly limit on the card”.

How have I reached any limit by making 2x $500 payments? And how long will the pending payment take to disappear?


Have you set a monthly limit in the card security settings? If so you need to deactivate it.


Yes, evidently I had (unless it’s on by default?). Thanks


Hi @Kraken.

Yes, it looks like you had set up a monthly limit for you card. You can change the limit from the card section in the app :slight_smile: