Card declined! Support have not replied in 60mins


Hi, help’ I have used my card several times successfully but today it has declined when checking out of hotel and also at the ATM. I have been waiting for online support for 60 mins so far. Any suggestions? Thanks


Hi! There’s a technical issue with the payment processor currently. Should be fixed soon :slight_smile:


Hi… ah thank you for replying :grinning:. Do you think they will let us know when fixed? I don’t want the embarrassment of trying again too soon … can’t believe support couldn’t just tell me that. I’ve wasted an hour of last day of holiday sunshine :frowning:


Yes, they should let us know :smile: I recommend checking their Twitter profile (@RevolutApp)


It’s resolved! :thumbsup:


So I see :grinning:… I’ll try again. Thanks for your help.