Card declined in USA


My card has been declined on every transaction so far in Chicago, USA. Is there any reason for this?

I tried the contact chat in the app but had no response.


Hi @Elena,

It looks like we have managed to get in touch with you and discuss the issue. Let us know if you need any further help.

Thank you,

Andreas K.


It would be really helpful for the rest of us to know how situations like this finally get resolved (assuming it doesn’t involve anything too personal). As it stands, all we see are problems being reported but its impossible to know if the cause was a bug / outage / user error etc.


Maybe this is an expectation problem. Every one of my top up cards became blocked. The issue was NOT Revolut. The banks said the issues are that Revolut is international and I had made multiple uses each day. I asked each bank to train the computer to accept Revolut and international usage. This worked right away.

Based on my experiences, I recommend using Revolut routinely before you travel to train the computers. Don’t expect perfection. Have a backup card and additional top up methods. Expect to call the top up bank once or twice.


Also keep in mind that not every merchant has booked the option to accept credit cards from Europe or from anything outside of the US. Sometimes it also depends on the Country where the card issuer is located (e.g. German cards accepted by Italian not).


There can be acceptance issues in particular Countries. I had a rival card refused is Australia as “pre - paid cards are for people with bad credit histories who shouldn’t have a card at all” .


The card is working fine for me and my friends in Chicago and Boston so far. Just need to find out what is the best way to get money here. ATM withdrawals are crazy expensive with my “normal” credit card so I hope I can top up Revolut and get some ATM Cash for tips and such stuff


My phone has broken whilst away on holiday I’m unable to use the app to check my account, but my card has been declined, any idea on how to resolve this issue as i need my money. also im unable to get in the chat.



I used to have a MasterCard from Revolut but unfortunately lost it. I now have a Maestro but that card does NOT work in the USA, only for some ATM withdrawals. (I have tried about 8 different shops with Chip & Pin and none accepted Maestro)

Advice: if you’re travelling to the USA, do NOT get the Maestro but get VISA or MasterCard instead.



Are you UK user please ?


If somebody want to use maestro visit Germany, Netherlands, Belgium (or Portugal).

Otherwhise always carry VISA/Mastercard with you.


p.s. What about Visa Electron? :smile:


According to

“Over 960,000 places in the UK take Maestro”


Well this page doesn’t seem to be update, images not working , outdated link to mastercard website. Also according to Wikipedia Maestro has almost been fully replaced in the UK by Mastercard and at least the last time I was in the UK I rarely have seen any Maestro signs.

Still this thread is about the USA and not UK :smile:


Lol, that’s like 15 years ago. I remember HSBC UK supplied Maestro cards back then (and I’m pretty sure other banks did as well) before the Visa/MC wave.

Maestro is dead in the UK.


No, user from Netherlands… Can choose between VISA and Maestro now…


The point I was trying to make was in response to “Same with the UK” . I live in the UK and Maestro is widely accepted, even in my local pub, but rarely issued. Common to see a combined accepted sign of Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro. I believe that, in the UK, Maestro will work wherever MasterCard is accepted.


I dont understand how can Maestro be not accepted if merchant accept Mastercard? Maestro its just another branding name for Mastercard. Technically it should be not problem to accept both cards. At least in my country its always like that. Everything is accepted (excluding american express, diners club and other bullshit cards :D)


Well it’s not as simple as you think. Both are own products and it’s not just sometimes we write mastercard and sometimes maestro card. Master and Masetro cards are issued by the company Mastercard Incorporated. Master card is credit card and Mastero card is a debit card.
The debit Version of Mastercard is mostly issued just in the USA or as predpaid Cards

Both use different network /techniques

Of course you can almost do the same nowdays with both, but the technique behind it is still different and not always supported by everyone.


MasterCard is not always a credit card…