Card declined in Sofia, Bulgaria

of course if it is about a random problem.but you know better than me that faulty cards are being reported daily on this it stops being a personal problem and becomes a general concern.Τα λέω καλά;

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If your card is faulty, we have not reason to not send a new one!

@wasp - check out my post - info for bulgarians in the feedback category

Look like we have managed to resolve this issue :slight_smile: Card should be working properly in Bulgaria.

Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:


Andreas K

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Thank you! Indeed, I don’t currently seem to have any issues :slight_smile: Great service!


Hello @wasp,

I am planning to use my card in Bulgaria next month. Could you tell whether I need to do something special so that I can use it there ? My concern is that I have to go through the same steps as you did …

Thanks in advance,


there are no issues currently with Revolut in Bulgaria. You just use is as normal card.

Hi there. I am located in Bulgaria right now and I’ve gotten a new Visa Contactless from Revolut. I’ve been having A LOT of problems so far. Most of the ATMs in my town do not accept it. The old MasterCard seems to be working fine but the new Visa is just terrible. Revolut doesn’t seem to give me a list of the providers that accept it in Bulgaria, such a shame!

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That’s a shame. Revolut, why did you change to Visa? Wasn’t Mastercard good enough? Can someone from Revolut take a look, please? This is disturbing.

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Absolutely! 1 out of 5 different banks accepted it this weekend. I can’t play a guessing game every time I want to withdraw money. What will I do when my MasterCard expires? :frowning:

Revolut will offer both cards in the future. Customers will be able to chose between MC and Visa.

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They currently offer both. I have both the MC and the Visa and the ladder is not working properly.

Right now, customer’s can’t order a specific card. Premium cards are always MCs while standard cards can be both, depending of a customer’s residency, I believe. That’s going to change and customers will be able to choose.

Update on the situation:

The “new” Visa cards do not work with Reiffeisen bank, Central Cooperative Bank and Societe Generale Expressbank in Bulgaria. Also as far as merchants are concerned - The biggest supermarket chain Kaufland is NOT accepting it as well…

Please Revolut staff, do something about it. These are major banks in Bulgaria. My Visa card becomes practically unusable.


I’m going to visit Sofia next weeks, are these problems (VISA revolut) for purchasing or withdrawal of money still remain in Bulgaria?
Please inform!!!

ive never encountered any problems last few months! dont worry!

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Apologies for the late reply. Everything with VISA Revoluts seems to be working fine in Bulgaria now (at in the banks I tried in)


Hello there. I received my revolut master card few weeks ago and it’s being declined in most shops I tried to use it. Usually it’s been declined from UBB POS, the others are working fine so far. I have tried wireless and with chip, and it gives the same outcome. Im wondering how I’d be able to use the card when mostly it’s been declined? Is there any hope that this will be fixed?

Your question is valid, unfortunately I did. It works fine with Unicredit and Raifeissenbank. But UBB keeps declining it.

The problem is not with Revolut, but with the bank that operate the POS terminals… so ask the bank or Borika.
I guess the problem is “Invalid Card Number”