Card declined in Sofia, Bulgaria

I’ve yesterday received my card. Topped up 500+ EUR. Confirmed my account. Was able to register on Amazon, PayPal and Google. PayPal and Google both were able to get some small amount for registration without issues.

Then the first time the card was declined was when I tried to add it to an online site to order food ( ).

I thought that’s probably incompatibility. So I tried paying in a shop with the physical card. It was declined.

Then I tried to fetch 50 BGN ( around 25 EUR ) from ATM just to try it out. The card was declined again, with a message “Invalid card” in Bulgarian.

Just to note that I have a friend with Revolut, not experiencing any issues with the card and he claims he used it more than 15 times all around Bulgaria.

I tried getting support, but I constantly get message that I have to wait for live agent (first 4 hours, they passed, now it’s 12 hours, but I doubt it).

So, is there a real idea as to why this fails? I want to trust and use your card, mainly for tracking purposes and when I travel around Europe.

But if it fails like this, it’s scary.

And guys, your support is non-existent, sorry to say that. The bot that you put on the front is useless.

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Hi! Have you got Location based security turned on under Cards > Security? If so, have you tried turning it off? :slight_smile:

No, I don’t have any security turned on. All of them are off…

Did you check the push notifications on your phone? They usually tell you the reason why a payment was declined.

Are you aware that you can unblock a card that was blocked by the automated fraud detection system by yourself within the app?

Frank, I haven’t received any push notification when I tried to pay or get money from the ATM.

It just appears like the card is simply invalid. I mean the physical plastic …

I received notifications for Google and PayPal, though.

Appear the trasactions as declined in the app?

Same happened for me yesterday in Dominican Republic.

All atms refused to give me money !

Frank, as I said - the refusal of the card was not reflected in the app. The app didn’t knew the card was refused ( three times ). All of the payment methods said “Invalid card” ( on the terminals, not app ).

This morning the card was declined again, when adding to one of the major payment services in Bulgaria -

Still no response from support :frowning:

This is not the average blocked card problem, something else seems not to be working here.

I probably would try to delete the card and than add it again to the app. But that seems a little bit adventurous and I don’t want to recommend it before you got feedback from support.

You could reach out to them on Twitter / Facebook. That might speed things up.

@AndreasK can you provide us with some info or is a third party problem again?

Small update. Card is working, when I pay with contactless. When I try to pay with the built-in chip or try to fetch money or try to use BG online processor, it fails ( no notification in the app at all ) with “Invalid card” message.

Still waiting on “Live Agent” to appear after 20 hours, seems to be very rare animal :smiley:

I recommend reaching out to support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:

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@c0stin I wrote, but … they seem to be in holiday :slight_smile: All of them at once.

I will agree.Support has gone missing lately.

Thank you for your interest. However, it would be more appropriate to discuss this with the card holder.

Rest assured, if there was a general issue you would be informed.


Andreas K.

Hi @wasp - could you please send me a direct message your phone number associated with your account so we can discuss this?

of course if it is about a random problem.but you know better than me that faulty cards are being reported daily on this it stops being a personal problem and becomes a general concern.Τα λέω καλά;

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If your card is faulty, we have not reason to not send a new one!