Card declined in Mexico

I’ve been in Mexico for nearly a week now and have used my revolut card without issue. Today however out shopping, I managed to buy some things are different stores and all of a sudden I go to a different shop to pay for items and it gets declined twice. I try to withdraw money twice and it’s declined. I checked my balance on all occasions to ensure I have enough funds and I do. I even managed to top it up without problem. I have been verified, are there any issues or daily limit spends I should be aware of? Obviously I’m in Mexico and it’s the weekend I would like this to be sorted asap.

Also I’ve checked the security I haven’t disabled mag strip, I’m not over any limits and when I tried to withdraw I tried savings account and even the debit card option. I also managed to top up the card. I really don’t know what the issue is. This is really really distressing. Support offline

Same issue here, I tried two online purchases, both failed (one in the US and the other in Spain).

Try again now, online payment worked for me a few mins ago

Thanks . I’ve ordered something off amazon now, I’ll report back if it goes through or not.

Amazon was taking a bit to process the transaction so I tried another shop online instead, it Went through. Still not sure if this means my card will be declined if I try to use in Mexico again or what. I will have to try again tomorrow and report back.

It seems we’re now in touch via a direct message @aliyua

All sorted now was able to withdraw at a HSBC atm. Thanks

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