Card declined but payment taken: then a complete absence of support. Really really disappointed and put off


My card was declined but the money immediately showed as debited on my phone.
I was at the front of a long queue in Ikea (we are also on holiday in Portugal with my 2 small kids) I tried again, and the transaction went through and I’ve been billed the same amount twice.

That’s bad enough, what’s worse has been the total lack of suppport available.
Rita said they are extremely busy and an agent would be in touch in 2 hours.

That was 3 hours ago and Rita had frozen and is not responding to any prompts at all.

This was a chunk of our holiday spending money and it looks like I have no way of getting it back and no way of talking to anyone.

Really, really disappointed , this is my first trip using Revolut and have to say I can’t see how this business model will ever work if this is the level of service that I can expect.

What can I do?


Your experience sounds very much like mine. Plenty of funds in my revolut account, yet payment declined. Funds still debited from my account and no sign of it being returned. Tantamount to theft in my opinion. Support almost impossible to get hold of. An absolute shambles. Why anyone would want to invest in this company is beyond me!!


I have just had the same issue. I’ll contact Revolut by post and if that fails to get a satisfactory response then it will be escalated to the FCA.


I am having the same issue. VERY disappointed and annoyed. Can’t work out how to get support.

It seems like they are asking for feedback but not reading anything or responding to what is being said