Card declined but money taken from account


I am in New York and today on several occasions the card was declined in the shop but a payment has left my account. Each time they tried to use it, money was taken even though it told them it was declined. So far this has led to $150 being taken in error. My friend is having a similar difficulty.

I have a few questions that I would appreciate and answer to - Is there still a problem? When/how will the money be refunded?

Thanks for your help


Hello @Lola :slight_smile:

I’m afraid :r was having some major technical difficulties yesterday which resulted in card transactions being refused and the app not working :frowning:
The problem is solved now, and any failed transaction will be reverted to your account (I don’t know when, but I would say today) :wink:

You can check for the last info on Twitter:


Hey there @Lola :slight_smile:

Just wanted to confirm… Has the incorrectly charged amount been refunded to your account already? :money_with_wings: