Card declined but I was still charged


Hi there.

I am in NY and a first time user of Revolut.

I tried to use my card to pay for transport at the Subway. My card was declined at the machine ( I had to use a different card to pay) but I still got charged according to the app. Any ideas or help please?



Hello @Rodakos,

As I can see the transaction is pending. Have you tried to use the ZIP code for the NY Subway? It’s 99999.

The pending one will return back to your account within 10 days.


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,

I saw that I had to use 99999 as the zip code afterwards when I had a look
here at the community. Fortunately I had a friend with me so he paid for me.

Apart from this issue, the card works fine.

Thanks for your time.



As mentioned here: NY subway ticket machines Using 99999 often doesn’t work either. Be sure to try with a very small amount first, otherwise you just lost your money for another 10 days.
@AndreasK Any insight on why this 99999 zip code sometimes works, but most of the time it doesn’t? And why even though the transaction is declined the money is still held hostage for 10 days?


Hi @jelmer,

You will probably find this useful:


I appreciate you sending me that link @AndreasK, but that does not at all address the issues I mentioned in #4. The 99999 zip code does not work, even though that is the advice of the MTA.


In the mean while I figured out the trick to get your revolut card working with the MTA vending machines.

When asked for your zip code, just press enter, do not key in any number, just enter. I can confirm this works.