Card declined: Billing address mismatch


I have a UK registered Revolut card, but recently I had to move back to Italy. Since then, when I try to top up my Revolut card, I get an error message that says that my billing address does not correspond to the one associated with my bank account, which is not true.

The explanation of the support team is the following: the AVS system checks the numerical parts of the address you are entering against the billing address stored by the bank, including the postcode field. Since the card you used us a UK-issued card, the system compares it as it would a UK-formatted address. But the postcode you have is for any other country and is not UK-formatted which causes the system to register an AVS mismatch.

It seems that the only solution to this problem is to use another card or to transfer the funds using a bank transfer.

Considering how frequent it is for people to move to another country nowadays, it would be great if Revolut could fix this issue :slight_smile:


Thanks! I had exactly the same issue (I’m Italian too and moved back just yesterday) and by googling the issue details I came across your above explanation. It’s quite an annoying issue to be honest and it would be great if it was resolved soon

I’m getting this problem now too, even though I’ve been able to top up without a problem in the past. I also have a UK card and have since moved to Hungary where postcodes are 4 number digits.

Same issue here. A UK address unable be used from Poland. Is Revolut going to fix this?

@amcsi @Pac
Did you get any update with the issue you encountered?
I also hold a UK based Revolut account, moved back to France and get the same message…Many thanks Q!

Yes in fact. I solved it by setting my card’s postcode to a dash (-) :slight_smile: That’s what support suggested, and it worked.


I didn’t put the correct zip code using my Chase debit card. Was transferring money to my Revolut acct. But on the second transaction I did put the correct zip code and the money transferred. But when I looked at my Chase bank acct, it transferred twice. So I should have double the amount in my Revolut acct. But it’s only one amount. Shouldn’t it only transfer once, since the first transaction was a declined top-up? Anyone know as to why I’m seeing two transactions on my Chase acct, but only seeing one amount instead of double on my Revolut acct?

I’ve tried to do that, did you add a dash at the end like 0000- or -0000 in both revolution and the other card?

I confirm too. It’s a postcode issue!

I had the same issue today, transfer was declined due to postcode issue, however when I checked my bank account it has been debited for what I tried to add to Revolut (stupidly I did 4*£50, thinking that it was not gone through).
How come declined payment could be taken off my bank account?
I have reached out to support in the chat, and have been told that money should be back in my account within 5 business days, if not, reach out to them again. Please, could someone confirm that money will be back to my account as they’ve promised? (I am a new user, sorry)

Had that problem so many times already I am considering giving up on Revolut. I travel in Asia mostly but I live in Europe and Revolut is issued in the UK and I basically order everything online.

Some shops silently refuse the card because of the postcode check even though my billing address and Revolut address match. Some shops refuse the card because the country of issuance is different than my country of residence.

On Amazon, I can’t subscribe to Prime in my country because they refuse cards issued in a different country, so I had to subscribe on

On Google, they refuse pre-paid cards for a lot of their services.

So it’s a nightmare and I never know if the card will work or not.

Overall, I like Revolut a lot but it’s so unreliable that it can only be a backup card or used for currency exchange.