Card declined at 30,000 feet


What do you mean by Monzo’s “high fees for ATM withdrawals”. With Monzo, the first £200 per month are free for overseas ATM withdrawals, just like Revolut. When I’m abroad, I generally use Revolut at Euro ATMs and Monzo elsewhere, especially with rarer currencies outside the EU. I keep Starling in reserve because they have no overseas withdrawal limits or fees.


Monzo for UK residents only :frowning: That means I can’t get one.


I did not have problems on-flight with WIZZ and offline paying


After 200£ its then a 3% fee, which can be expensive in an extremely cash based society. This and Monzo are expensive for overdrafts (50p/day) assuming your holiday goes pear shaped.

Anyways, my recommendations still stand :+1:

Revolut, N26/Starling (probably Starling due to 0 fees) and a credit card on Visa, unless your Revolut is Visa.


Aren’t like the majority of card nowadays electronic only? Lol.