Card declined, account shows a payment


I used my card to make a purchase and the card was declined, lack of funds. :smile:
I used another card to make the purchase.
The failed transaction is showing greyed out as a payment in my account. Why is the full value transaction showing if I didn’t complete it?


Maybe just wait 10 days. The merchant tried to book the amount (and failed). It should disappear, in principle…


Hi @beeare,

Thank you for contacting us.

I cannot see any pending transaction at the moment. Could you please log out and log back. Let me know if it’s still pending.


Andreas K.


I still have transactions howing for declined payments. There are four.
How come I see them but you don’t?


We can see them as declined and not as pending. You can log out and log back in on the app and let me know how you see them


Hello, I seem to have a similar issue.
At first, on the 30th of July I have a payment on my Revolut account of 1€ but this payment didn’t actually went through and is Pending (even though the money got debited from my account)
And today again, I tried to make a payment that got refused, don’t know exactly why since I used the card before on this merchant and had enough funds, and I ended up using another card to complete the payment. But for my surprise the payment was again debited from my funds with Pending status. Will I receive the money from these two “non” payments back?


An update on my situation.
I checked today and the payment that got refused is now considered Declined and I got the funds back on my Revolut Account. Half the problem solved :slight_smile:

But the pending payment of July 30th, 1€, is still pending and I didnt got the money back. Can someone tell me when I should expect the money back? On the declined payment It was 24h later, thankfully, but this one its been already 7 days and nothing…