Card constantly declining


I have used my Revolut card on two trips to the US now, once in May and I am currently in LAS airport right now waiting for my flight back to England. Unfortunately the card has been an absolute nightmare on both occasions, especially when there is zero wifi in a certain bar or restaurant meaning that I am forced to use my debit card which will incur a charge. It keeps doing this when I change state and then asks me to go to a certain ATM to reactivate the card. Firstly, there is no way I’m jumping on a bus to downtown Vegas to use an ATM machine and then there’s other times when it allows me to unblock it on the app. I have no idea why it constantly decides to block me when the sole purpose is it being a travel card - the app itself is secure enough so why is it so ridiculously difficult to use?

Do I need to inform you like a bank if I’m travelling anywhere? I have been in sticky situation a number of times this holiday including just now, hence why I’ve created an account and writing this.

If I can be given advice in regards to what I should be doing then I would greatly appreciate it however this has been a huge inconvenience for me and has ended up costing me more money in the long run.

Many thanks, Josh.


Have you tried to disable “location based security” ?

There is no extensive explanation how this feature works, but I assume it needs access to the phone’s location services like data roaming and GPS and probably data roaming needs to be activated to work reliably.

I am curious about the ATM reactivation. It is the first time that I hear someone had to do that.


Hey @gimo89 :slight_smile:

I’ve been travelling with the card a lot, and it only got blocked (frozen) one time in over two years, after making the exact same transaction three times, and the reactivation was done in around 5 seconds through the app. What you describe sounds more like a glitch rather than the way it’s meant to work :roll_eyes:slight_smile:

Did you get in touch with the support team in the app regarding this?

They did this for wrong PIN… I’m also curious about this situation