Card compability

Just started with revolut and are a bit disappointed. Several sites I’ve tried does not work.

Am I right in the assumption that all sites that use MC Securecode are not compatible with Revolut card?

Coinbase - not working to buy bitcoin
Swedish ITunes - not working (B/c it is a UK card?)
Local train tickets - not working, requires Masterpass for foreign card which does not accept card - use MC Securecode


Coin base should be able to advise you of the error message, I’ve used my Revolut card at BitStamp and it worked fine.

iTunes doesn’t allow cards from another country to be used in another countries’ store. The BIN range of Revolut cards is UK.

Revolut can’t be expected to take responsibility for various different websites security measures. It’s a prepaid card.

Well if the card does not support MC Securecode it severely limits its usability.

According to MC more than a million online merchants use this.

It’s a prepaid MasterCard…

Can you verify that SecureCode will not work, @anon33247966 ?
Is it on the table?
It would make the card much more usable for me.

For Coinbase you should use a SEPA transfer anyways. its free and the fee to Coinbase is waaayy smaller.

In DK it works fine for Trains. Have not had any problems paying for stuff in stores or in ticketing machines.

Only annoying thing is that Apple will not allow me to add it.

Apple have let me add mine for iTunes/iCloud purchases…

Hey IJS where are you based?

It would be nice if someone at Revolut would answer this. On MasterCards (SecureCode Sign Up) website Revolut is not listed as a MasterCard client !!!

In London in the UK.

That is why you can add the card to iTunes. Revolut cards are issued from the UK. I’m from Denmark and have danish iTunes account. Because the card is from UK it can’t add it because they compare account country with card country.

In the faq you can see this, which should answer your question about Revolut not being on that list :slight_smile:

Hmmm - I see you problem. Why not just get a UK iTunes account and the problem is solved?
(use the Danish Embassies address on Sloan Street! :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that the Revolut issues - Paysafe Financial Services Limited - are also not listed as a MasterCard client on said website…

So the question still stands - Why is Revolut (or it’s ‘head office’ not able to use SecureCode?

Someone please advise.

Nonsense - giving the excuse and saying “Revolut can’t be expected to take responsibility” - They are issuing a MasterCard - period. It should work like any other MasterCard - Credit or Debit should make no difference.

That will exclude local danish content on the iTunes store and be breach of their terms :slight_smile: