Card cloning?

I used my card recently in Seattle - paid for some food there and then on 13th Feb. I know I had enough money on as i had topped up plus I purchased other things after this transaction. 3 days later I got a notification asking me to top up my funds as the exact same amount had attempted to be taken out on 16th Feb and was ‘declined’ I had 3 dollars left on the card that was taken.
I’m completely new to Revolut so this is worrying. I work as a flight attendant so need a card like this - however I’m now wary about using this card? The only good thing is that I didn’t have a load of money still on the card. What do I do ? Order a new card and hope it doesn’t happen again? I’m worried that if I top up the card now they’ll try and take the money again…

I’m not sure if I am understanding the story correctly.

You should be able to identify all card payments from within the app. Do you see any transactions that you do believe aren’t yours? How do all payments and your initial top up summ up? Are any of the transactions still pending, maybe from a ATM withdrawal that didn’t work? Have you used the card with swipe + signature? Then some payments might show up later, not in real time, depending on when the merchant initiates the settlement. Have you added tips in restaurants? They also might show up later. Or did you use the card at a hotel? Again, additional services there might be charged later after authorizing a certain amount.You might want to check out the FAQs, maybe that gives you a clue to what is going on?

I had exactly the same case today:

  • original transaction (payment with TransferWise) went well on 14 Feb
  • today morning a notification from Revolut “not enough funds” and the duplicate transaction declined
  • what is interesting, I had enough funds on the main account, but really not enough on EUR account from where the transaction was declined.

Two problems:

  • who tried to do the second debit
  • why the transaction didn’t pass (there was enough funds on the main account, so it should have been taken from there)

Support advised to contact the merchant - but this will not answer the second question.

So you’re saying Transferwise withdrawed a second time?

I hope that is not related to this glitch:

It looks like they tried (don’t have their answer yet).
But they didn’t because of Revolut’s bug - in the case of not enough of EUR, it should be charged to the main currency account, but was declined by Revolut instead

Hm, yes, I’ve seen a similar behavior when there was a relation between an earlier payment. There seem to be some occasions where a “follow up” transaction is locked in to the same currency than the initial transaction. Revolut’s currency mechanic does not seem to work in these cases.

Out of curiosity: what’s the status of your initial payment to TW? Completed or still pending?


I’m curious what would happen if I actually had enough funds on this currency. It would be debited two times?

That is my guess. It’s also what happened in the article about Coinbase that I linked.

Thanks for your reply. The transaction was from a pizza restaurant that I went to on the 13th Feb. It says ‘completed’ under transactions on the app on that date plus I got a notification straight away when I purchased it to say the amount been taken. Three days later when I arrived back in the UK the same company tried to take the same amount that I’ve already paid. What’s interesting is that the time was 1:02am when it was attempted to be taken plus on the map beneath it showed Saudi Arabia as a location rather than showing Seattle like it did on my original payment on 13th Feb. If it does take a while for the money to come out why does it say ‘completed’ on 13th and the money was then minus from the amount I had on my card as I went on to purchase other things that day without my card being declined.
I tipped but not the same amount as the pizza was worth.
Just wary to put more money on the card incase they attempt to take it again (or more) and I’ve only just got the card!

It definitely looks suspicious. You can temporarily freeze your card to avoid all further transactions. A possible reason why a transaction can be processed despite not having sufficient funds are “card not present” transactions that aren’t reflected in real time in the app and aren’t authorized online. (Think of something like the old imprinter devices, just with computers). Have you discussed the matter with support?

Yes I spoke to someone online but they pretty much told me to contact the company and ask if/why they tried to take the money twice. I’ve emailed (as it’s a chain restaurant) to ask them to look into it but whether they will get back to me I’m not sure. I’ve freezed my card -I did only have $3 dollars left on it which has now gone due to this recent duplicate and I doubt I’ll get back… I’m worried that they have my card details now so when I do un-freeze it and top up they’ll be straight in there taking whatever money they can?! It’s annoying because I’m flying to America again on Sunday and need the card but I’m thinking I’ll need to order a new one again?!

If the restaurant does not respond, you can always file a complaint and set a chargeback in motion. Usually, guidelines for this ask a customer to try to settle erroneous transaction first with the merchant. If the merchant did make a mistake, money can be easily refunded.

Going the chargeback route results in an investigation and takes usually longer. But you should definitely do this when you’re not hearing back from this pizza place.

Thank you Frank. I spoke to another support agent and he said it looks like the card has been compromised and has therefore removed the card and ordered me a new one. Advised me not to swipe and use only chip and pin or contactless in future as it’s very easy to clone cards in the states - bit annoying as I’ve only had the card about 2 weeks and already an attempt has been made to clone it, but at least I didn’t have a lot of money on it when they attempted a second transaction. Thank you for your help.

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