Card blocked


Hello! My account has been blocked while I was trying to make a topup with a new card. Then it asked for the 4 digit code and scan card, but apparently the scan was wrong as well. I’m travelling tomorrow and I need to fix this asap! But nobody answers on support.


Same as you.

I hope they will help us


Hey guys, I have written you both a private message to take a look into this!


Hello, my card has been blocked because i entered 3 times a wrong password to an ATM. What can i do to fix this problem?


Please reach out on the in-app support chat! We can unblock the card’s PIN for you.


Exactly the same problem


i am trying also for days to contact and have a card unblocked after topping it up
please help me


I cannot access my account as it is blocked since i topped it up.
I have been trying to contact for days - today i am holding on for 2 hours - but no response
please help


i have the same problem


I have written you a private message to help!


I have written you a private message as well!


how do i view the message? - I can not see any message.

I have replied to your mail with my phone number
Thank you