Card blocked; unable to unblock


I had to make a big payment in a different currency than my main bank account is in. So I topped up my Revolut account, converted the money and tried to pay with my virtual card.
The card got blocked. Now I need to verify both the card and the bank account.
The problem is the bank statements for both the card and the account show the same verification code but it’s only working for unblocking the card, not the account.
Now my money is frozen, I cannot access the Revolut account and I only have 1 more attempt to enter the verification code for the account.
Also, the agent that “will be with my shortly” must be travelling from another continent since it already takes him/her a couple of hours to reach out to me…

I was so happy with your services so far but the whole thing that’s happening right now is pissing me off… The customer service is a joke basically.

I need this money unfrozen and I want to make the purchase ASAP. Can anyone in this company actually help me achieve that goal?