Card blocked. Need help!



I tried to add my card with uber several times and now all my transactions are refused. What to do? I am traveling.


There are certain issues with that merchant. Search the forum for more details.


The problem in not that I cannot connect with uber. The problem is I blocked the card and now I cannot pay with it or take cash.


I wrote on the in-app chat but no one is responding. I am traveling and I cannot use the card. What can I do?


It’s my understanding that the card can be unblocked from the app, using Freeze/Unfreeze Card control on the Cards tab.
Beyond that, you should persevere on chat with support (make sure you type Live Agent to get past the useless robot) and use your other cards or cash until they respond (which may not be until Monday if you are not a Premium customer). If you have a Twitter account, you might get their attention faster there (@RevolutApp)


I think I triggered some security issue with this. Anyway you saved me. They responded on Twitter and reset my card. Thanks for your help!