Card blocked by revolut (no fault of my own), revolut now expect me to pay £5 for a new one????



I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands, and first got my revolut card in august 2016, and it worked perfectly and I loved it. Fantastic product, great implementation and so easy to use. Then, in December 2016 suddenly my card stopped working, and I received a message saying my card was being deactivated upon request from revolut’s issuing partner, because my address was outside the European Economic Area (EEA). This was extremely frustrating but nothing I could do about it.

However, earlier this year I was surprised to find out that friends also living in Jersey, C.I. had recently signed up to Revolut and had working cards. It appears the issue has been fixed and Revolut can once again issue cards to those outside the EEA , but Revolut didnt see fit to message customers previously affected who had cards withdrawn (thanks!).

So I’m now trying to get a new card, and the app is telling me I have to pay £5 for a new one to be delivered. This seems ridiculous, I am an existing customer and my card was cancelled because of an issue that was Revolut’s fault, not mine. I don’t think I should be expected to pay for a new card when my old card was cancelled through no fault of my own.

Can revolut issue me a new card without this charge?


Why you dont order one and if you get it chat with them and tell them that this is the problem of revolut.
Or ask them in chat what exactly is the problem or if you violate the terms