Card blocked by mistake


I blocked my card by mistake. Unable to reach a support team, how can I unblock it and make sure it is activated ?


Hey there @MeandMe :slight_smile:

When you block the card, the “Disable card” button is replaced with the “Enable” one. When you click it, the card is reactivated again :smile:
Basically, if you unblocked it and it’s not greyed out, the card is active :wink:

However, if you’re still unsure, you can contact the support team through the Support button in the More tab of the app :slight_smile:


It was blocked via the phone and I cannot log back into my app


Hello again @MeandMe :slight_smile:

If you’re locked out of the app, you should be able to reach the support team by trying to login with your old phone number but, instead of typing your PIN code, clicking Forgot? and then Support on the upper right corner :wink:

If you’re still facing issues, contacting :r: through Twitter might be a wise idea: