Card blocked after verifying my account


Last night I verified my account so I could increase my annual top up limit. When i tried to top up, the app said my account was blocked and due the customer services opening times, I have had to wait until today to try and resolve the issue.
Going back into the app, it reads: ‘Card blocked, follow below steps’. There are no below steps, only a pink ‘support’ button which then leads me onto RITA the robot. She cant answer any of my questions and tells me I need to speak to alive agent which will be approximately an hour. As I don’t have an hour to spare looking at my phone, i have came online to see if I can find the solution myself or speak to an agent here. Nothing. Only negative feedback about how other users have had to wait up to 3 days for a response… ?!
I hope the issue is resolved soon as apart from this, my experience using the Revolt card had been so far positive.


I have the same issue - I have had my card blocked for weeks on end. Every time I try to resolve the issue - I am asked to go into the app. Cannot get into the app as the only button is the pink Contact Support button. I didn’t respond to an answer by Rita within 6 mins this morning (I was on the phone on a business call) and have now been told it will be 24 hours before someone will contact me.
I have 5 hours available - then will be working all afternoon and evening - then working all day tomorrow. Customer service is awful!!! Fortunately, I don’t have money locked up on my card, but I’m trying to set it up for my next trip abroad.


@Sharonmac19 Sounds like we have very similar situation. Thankfully my issue is resolved now. I just persevered and told RITA that i wanted to speak to a live agent, kept the app open in the back ground of my phone and kept checking it for a response which i eventually got.