Card blocked after top-up


I’ve been unable to use my Revolut card for 2 days after I made a top-up. I get the “Please help us to keep your account safe” message whenever I access the phone app. I’ve already done the ID check and card verification process as well as contacting your support team who then passed the issue to “the relevant team”. Last contact from support was yesterday at 23:18(!?) asking me what type of card I used. Today I asked on Facebook for an update and was told that someone from support would get back to me today but I still haven’t had word of when I’ll be able to access my account and funds.
Don’t quite understand the problem because I’ve previously used the same card to top-up my account. Please give me an update.


Finally got my account unblocked this morning and this time support was very quick replying after being for almost 3 days without acess to my account and almost no feedback from Revolut. Kudos to Konrad for sorting this up quickly.


I have a similar issue and mine is still open. For a few days now I’ve been trying to contact support team to which the last conversation (2 days ago) was that it passed the issue to the relevant team. I have my money blocked on this card for a week now because the ID verification and card verification did not worked. Please help me!


My account has been blocked for no apparent reason just after i inserted all my data and it was considered successful. I am travelling soon and i would appreciate to be able to use it for the next 6months.



if the situation does not change, please send a message to @AndreasK with your phone number which is associated with your account to resolve that issue.



Can you please get in touch via a direct message so we can help?


Same here!

I made a top-up with the first 20€ via VISA, I used this money to pay the real card and, with the virtual card, to pay $14 (in dollars) in a website.
Then, I made two more top-ups, one via VISA and other one via Mastercard. The card was denied two times trying to pay $250 in dollars. It was possible to use it in other transaction but 24 hours later the store cancelled my payment and the card was blocked.

Now, the app only display: “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons(…)” and there is only the Support button below which does nothing and nobody answers my questions.


We have managed to get in touch and unlocked your account :slight_smile:


Hi ive got the same problem can you please contact me and explain why my account is blocked ???I need to transfer money to my friend asap amd I cant do anything ! please help me


We have unlocked your account after contacting our support team :slight_smile:


thanks .ive got a oroblem again .I transfered money from revoult to normal account 3 days ago and still didnt went through.this is money for landlord is upset already .please help


Hi, my Revolut account was just blocked after trying to do an online payment. I have verified my personal information but I’m not sure if I had verified my Top-Up card. Can you please help my unblock my account so I can verify my Top-Up card?


Hi @Eline. I can see that your account is unlocked :slight_smile: I’m glad it’s all sorted.


Hello, my account is blocked can you help me ?


My problem is resolved thank you :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I have the same issue!


I have the same issue!. I don’t understand the answer relevant team contact you. I have a trip in three days and my account is blocked for three days. Beyond banking I think is not proper for this kind of customer service. Now I understand why typical bank company won’t disappear.


Also have the same problem here. App can’t scan the card…


Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


How do I send a direct message. Cant find the option