Card blocked after my PIN tries exceed

Is normal to give all my information to Support Team in order to unblock my card?

I have been asked for:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • phone number (old and new)
  • home address
  • amount of my last top-up

Even my bank doesn’t not for all this information when doing security check. Just randon questions about my private data. So it’s weird.

Seems perfect to me, when I call my Swiss bank they are asking suck questions and I don’t have issue answering them, especially for something as important as money and card :slight_smile:

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It’s fine. When I call my bank they ask:
Full name
National number
Passport number
Last card payment (where and the amount)
First and last 4 numbers of the card
Name of the person approved for full rights on my account

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if your bank isnt asking for at least this level of detail my advice would be change bank


When I call my bank they ask for my full name + password (which is set earlier).

Hello @lgcarvalho

This is just an additional layer of security set out in order to minimise the possibility of card misuse.
For the future reference, you can also unblock your card from the level of your app!