Card authentication and customer support dont work


I used virtual cards to top up my revolut card and now the app is asking me to authenticate the card, unfortunately the camera authentication of virtual cards doesnt work. So currently my app is blocked only giving me the options of “verify your cards now” and “To chat to our support team, tap here”. As the verification is not working I tried the tap here button to speak to the team but that is also not working so currently my revolut card is blocked and the app is useless.

I tried using the chat from a friend’s revolut app (another account) and after explaining the problem and the support staff asking a few security questions, they stopped responding and gave no solution, and since then nothing has happened. I have been trying to speak to customer support for 2 weeks now without being able to use my Revolut card.

Can someone assist please, this is becoming ridiculous, I have no way to speak to customer support. I have even tried the old support email only to get the response of:
" This email is no longer in use. For a quick resolution to your problem/enquiry, please contact us via our in app chat support (make sure you are on the latest version of the App before you do this)"


Same issue here since mid July. Used to work perfectly before.
The App (Android 6) crashes during the verification process.
Chat support works from time to time. They apparently know there is a problem but keep promising this will be fixed soon, but it hasn’t been for two months, and the latest update of the App hasn’t changed anything.

This is making the whole Revolut concept totally useless and irrelevant.


Mine locked down to. My card was stolen now i cant verify it. And locked acc with 46£. This is annoying. They’re not responding chat support. I am pissed off they locked my acc