Card arrived but is inactive

I just received my card a couple days ago, but can’t use it. It’s been declined in chip + pin payments, both home and abroad.

The app says transactions were declined because card is inactive, and even if I try to freeze/unfreeze, it say that feature is not available. The card picture in the app doesn’t show the real colors and numbers, just a grey, generic one with Xs.

Any help?

Same issue as here: Card Arrived But Is Not Working

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Hola @franvillamil :slight_smile:

That’s weird and should not be happening. I’d recommend getting in touch with the in-app support team through the More tab of the app, clicking Support, and then Chat with us, and last typing live agent. I’ll also mention @AndreasK to see if he knows what’s going on :wink:

Hi there. Could you please try again now and use an ATM found here:

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