Card Arrived +2 weeks ago but still Expected on App


I asked for a card on August 20’s.
Expected delivery was 26th August or similar but it arrived before that.

I was expecting that the “Issued” -> “Posted” -> “Expected” menu would disappear after some days or ask me for some sort of verification of the card arrival.
More than 2 weeks after predicted arrival date passed and the “Expected” stills appears without being checked.

Should you add a verification to the app where user can confirm that the card arrived?


i guess once you use the card it goes away :slight_smile:


Used it on an Atm already.
Did not withdraw nor made a purchase but checked the card to ensure it works.
I will try to make a purchase soon to see what happens.


I received the card on past September 6th, and I already have used the card purchasing items, withdrawals from the ATM and still ‘expected’ on app.

Any ideas?


@ferlanero this is something that revolut should address when or if they
read this topic :slight_smile:


Have the same problem (well, not really a problem as such): Received my card really quickly back in June. Have used it many times since then while abroad (including ATM withdrawals) but the “expected” state is still indicated.


I received card months ago, made several transaction (e-commerce eg. PayPal, ATM withdraw, abroad payment in physical terminal) and my card is still not delivered. It was marked as delivered but after some update its state was changed to not delivered status.

I have contacted with this problem with support, my bug report was accepted but bug is still not fixed at all.


Used it to withdraw, used on a purchase and no changes on the expected state.
Maybe revolut could had/make the expected clickable so we could confirm ourselves that card has arrived.
Honestly this is one of those things that don’t modify the actual use of the card but it just fells weird xD


Hi @Jorgixhallo,

Try to log out and log back in the app, as it seems your app needs to synch with the server. Rest assured your card is active.


I logged out and in and still shows as it is being expected.
Like I said, I know that this is no bug and no the usage since my card is functional.
It is probably just a small bug in application or sync since I’m not the only one who is experiencing this.


I have the same “issue” also. But the card is working like a charm. Don’t worry :wink:


I also have the same issue


Looks like this issue has been solved.
Just installed the latest app update - “expected” has now disappeared :smile:


Glad to hear that @Franclyn


It was solved. I just didn’t want to bring the topic back to live so I just made AndreasK answer as topic solution :slight_smile:


@AndreasK - Would have given a “thumbs-up” but couldn’t find one :+1: (have now :wink:!).