Card Activation


My card is about to be delivered in 5 mins but it does not appear to be “Posted” in Revolut App. How do I activate it?


Hey @Dean111,
Once you get the card, you can try to contact support by typing “live agent” and they can check it, or delete card then re-adding it could help also.


Thanks. I had an “hello” answer from the support and now they do not say anything. I know the pin, I have the card, wouldn’t it work if I go to an ATM to try it? My account is verified etc.


Hey @Dean111 :slight_smile:

DO NOT delete the card and re-add it. Just try to do a Chip+PIN transaction anywhere and, if that fails, do a small withdrawal at an ATM. No need to contact support :wink:


Gonna go and withdraw from an ATM. Thanks! Support doesn’t seem to work right now. :slight_smile:


My bad, sorry, thought that could work.


He would just have to get in touch with support to get it linked again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Consider that :r:'s support chat is currently experiencing an ongoing technical issue that’s affecting the chat functionality and therefore this might result in delayed response times or even no response at all.


Went to the ATM and activated it. It’s great but ofc I’m always freezing it when I’m not using it. Superb toy! Sadly only 12-13k EURO per year but it’s ok. (Btw. Support answered in the meantime) :smiley:


Saw a case when ATM didn’t really work for the guy, that’s why I was suggesting other things :slight_smile:
You can raise that limit by supplying corresponding docs to Revolut if necessary. :r:


I received my first physical card today. It took only 5 days with standard delivery and I am very satisfied. But I am not sure if I already can use it (e.g: to withdraw money from ATM). The card security settings are all greyed out. It says: “All security options will be enabled when your Revolut card is delivered”.


The first chip + PIN transaction will activate it. :wink:


Thanks. I’ll try tomorrow. Maybe Revolut should change the text on the top of the security settings. :slight_smile:


Isn’t there an explanation printed on the card packaging?


Yeah, when you take the card out of the package you can see the following note: Use your card PIN for your first payment. I thought that I have to wait until the security settings are no longer greyed out.