Card/account blocked - DESPERATE



My name is Fred from the US; got revolut as an intern in London. I tried booking an airbnb room with revolut and it was declined. Later I see that my account is blocked. This is uncalled for and I am now in a desperate situation as almost all my funds are with Revolut and I have only very limited cash as an intern. I have tried to contact the in-app service, it has been 6 hours. I have tried calling the phone number, and the call went to a dead-tone. I have reached out on facebook messenger and still have not heard back. Please please help!



When I called, I was told to input my phone number by an automated machine and when I did, the voice on the other end said “I am sorry. There is an application error. Good bye” if there is any member of the team available, please reply to me so I can give you my mobile number to resolve this as soon as possible…


Contact Revolut on Twitter or Facebook. They should be able to take it from there.