Car rental


Hi! Yesterday I tried to rent a car with my revolut. The car shop charged me the price of the rental and then, as I believe they do on other cards, he put on hold another 250$. He told me that’s a normal procedure and that they will not charge that at the end, let’s said, they “return” the money to the card.
Is revolut able to accept the money back from the car rental? Can he cancel the 250$ he previously made?
How does this works? Am I going to get my 250$ back?

Thank you!

Ps: similar situation happened on a pump station as I asked for 25$, that was imediatly charged to the revolut card, but then could only pump into the car 16,54$. In the pump station they said it will return to the card! Will it return?


Yes, that is normal behavior for security deposits. Check the transaction status in the app. They are shown as “pending” and will be released usually within 10 days. It might take longer with car rentals, the 10 day period may start a couple of days after you returned a car.

(“Retun” to the card is not 100 percent correct here. The money never was taken from the card. It was just secured. It will be released again. This is not a refund or something like that. That is how it is with all Mastercards.)


From the FAQ’s -

Can I pay a security deposit with my Revolut card?

When you use your card for a security deposit, an amount will be blocked from your card for up to 10 working days. You won’t be able to spend the blocked amount during this time.

We usually suggest paying for the security deposit with your debit/credit card. Then pay the final balance with your Revolut card to avoid any foreign transaction fees. Alternatively, just make sure you account for the security deposit when calculating your holiday budget and topping up!


Thank you guys. You were very helpful.


Glad we could sort it out.

I recommend to read the FAQs. It’s a good read. Plenty of useful informations of how things work. :wink: