Can't verify with my identity card only a credit card is required

I just receive my revolut card and I want to activate it.
When I try to activate my carde, it said my account have to be verified, when I try to verify my account the only option to verify it’s a transfert of money with a credit card. The probleme is I don’t have any credit card and I want to verify my account with my identity card, how can I do that?
Thanks for your help!

You can also use the SEPA bank account shown in the main view (Accounts), when you click on the “settings” symbol in the upper left hand corner and then on the “EUR” account.

Use Revolut’s Lloyds account to top up with at least €10. Don’t forget to mention the reference number in your bank transfer. (You need to send the money from a bank account that belongs to you and shows your own name.)

My problem is now solved! Thank to Jay from Revolut team for his help.


How did you/they solve the issue?

I use the in-app chat to have a manual identity verification :slight_smile:


Nice. :+1:t2:

(out of curiousity – would have the SEPA transfer method worked?)

But nobody can open a bank account in your name. The sender’s name is sent in the SEPA transfer.

Well. Same applies for credit or debit cards, then.

Where’s the problem, again? :slight_smile:

(Sorry that I didn’t get your elaborated joke in the first place.)