Can't verify new account card

Hi. Just got my 1st card and cant verify account to view the pincode. Ive sent a tweet to @revolutapp but no reply

@Daniel3 Have you gone to the Profile tab, then Verification and followed the steps? You should be able to view the PIN under the Cards tab where it says “Show PIN”

Good evening to all,

Newcomer here, i just created Revolut account and also ordered the plastic card.
Whereas i can find the cvv of the virtual card, where can i find / create the 4 digit pin code for the plastic one ?
i have gone through the forum, however cannot see anything clear on that.

Pleased to hear !

If you click on the card in the app a panel pops up in which you can choose to view the card data including CVV.

Under the picture of the plastic card in the app you should have an option to view your pin.