Can't verify my identity as it says additional documents required to prove I live in EU

Can’t verify my identity. the app says additional documents required to prove I live in EU. I uploaded my Bosnian ID card as identity proof, but not good enough.
How do I upload my Irish PPS card as proof?

I tried to contact customer support in app with the question an uploaded PPS card there, but no one answers.

AFAIK Bosnia is not in EU (not in EEA too).
So you have to send them your Ireland’s PPS.
Either by “verification and limits” or via in-app chat

It isn’t …

Yes I know that thanks.
But I live in Ireland as you could see in my post and after I uploaded my NonEU ID, I received notification in app that they need aditional documents from me to prove I live in Ireland.
How do I now upload my Irish PPS card as new proof???

Either by “verification and limits” or via in-app chat (take a picture of this document)

There is no button to click in “varification and limits” section now after I uploaded my first NonEU ID to click on to send PPS card now. I send it in in app chat, but no answer for long time now…

Just upload everything via in app chat. Give them all details needed, for verifying your ID and your address, so that they can solve everything without getting back to you all the time. This is the most effective way to deal with their support in my experiece.

Since the verification is usually automated and needs to be done manually now in your case, expect longer waiting times. Could be a couple of days.

Aha ok thanks Frank :wink:

Fingers crossed, and it might be a nice surprise if they did it faster. You could also contact them via Twitter. This might speed things up.

Ok. if I don’t sort this in few days, I’ll contact them via Twitter too
Thanks all

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I am a Russian citizen living in France and my current residence card is going to expire. In France one has to wait for up to 6 months for a new residence card to be delivered. While I wait I will have a paper document (with my photo) which serves as a temporary residence permit. This document does not have the same format as a residence card and thus cannot be used for an automatic identity check (I tried).

So I have several questions.

  1. Is there a way to prove my identity other than automatically in the application?
  2. What happens to my Revolut account if I don’t provide a new residence card once my current card expires?
  3. Is there a time period after which my account might be closed for not being used? In this case, how do I retrieve my funds if I don’t have access to my account?

Also, I’d like to mention that I’m only using Revolut for trading and I would like to keep my positions in case I won’t be able to use my account while I wait for a new residence card.

Thanks in advance for any help.

*** UPDATE ***

I contacted Revolut in chat and they accepted my temporary residence permit. The whole thing took a couple of hours because I had to explain to them my problem in great detail but they ended up sorting it out which is what matters. Thanks a lot!

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