Can't verify my card and support does not reply


I try to verify my card using the code on my statement and scanning the card and it does not work.
My account has been blocked and support only replied once when I could not provide all the information they needed.
I need help please


I’m having the same problem. @AndreasK could you help us?


I can’t get hold of support either yesterday when they say they would be online it says offline and Facebook messenger says away. I’m holiday and need access to funds and my accounts


I´m also having the same issue and the support is not helping at all


Hi there -

I love Revolut to bits and think it’s great - but now I am having the same issue as above and have gone around in circles and my card is now blocked - can someone please assist ASAP - thanks. I am completely stuck.

  1. I had a new VISA DD card from my bank which replaced my existing one - so i removed the old one and added the new one from the app.

  2. Tried to top up - but it needed the 3D secure verification which does not work (First Direct) - the text boxes with the details keep scrolling off screen and are unusable.

  3. Tried to verify the code using the 4 digit number from the verification number on the £1 transaction in my account - my bank gave me the authorisation code over the phone. This also did not work.

  4. My card is now blocked - and i urgently need it.

I message support at 15.20 today with all details - and nothing back and now they have gone offline!

Can someone please assist?

Thanks in advance.


Not support, but:

Sorry to hear about that.

This issue seems like it needs direct help from customer support.

The block on the card may due to the number of failed transactions with the new card.

Today’s a weekend day, so support for non-Premium users are restricted to the time period as mentioned on their support page (

I recommend contacting them via Twitter.


Apologies for the long wait. I was temporarily out of the office. Did you manage to get in touch with our support team?


Hi AndreasK I am having similar trouble with topping up my card with a Visa Debit card. Is Revolut having difficulty?


We’re in touch on Twitter :slight_smile:


i have the same problem please help me


I too can’t get help from ‘support’ as I am trying to top up and they want verification which I have given, I,e, my passport, driving licence, and photo and it just keeps saying that verification failed!! I contacted support who said we will reply in over 20 mins as busy but now 3 hours since and nothing!!! I am just fed up trying so Off to the bank to buy Euros instead, even if I get a crap rate!!! I still have £50 left on my card so hope I can still use this??? :rage:


All sorted @joellejochems. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K


Hey @Blackjack

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Thank you very much for your reply but I am pleased to say my problem has now been sorted via support. I uploaded my driving licence and photo again and, bingo!! All ok now. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to hear that! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K.


I can’t verify my card either.

Added the card today, i have the code, the app just won’t take a picture of it ( goes full green square, but no picture).

Tried topping up (RON) and it says that something went wrong , try again later.

Tried support, they say there’s a 20 min queue, that was an hour and 20 minutes ago.

Suggestions ?



I have also the same problem.

Last friday I’ve open my Revolut account, ordered my Card
The card was send on Monday and received yesterday.

So yesterday at 8PM I’ve activate my card, with the pictures of my ID Card (both sides) and a picture of myself.

But not in the app, I still have the message :slight_smile: “We are reviewing your documents. The review process takes up to 10 minutes.”

Can someone telle me how long is the average time for a card activation ?

Thank you in advance.



Hi @valkyr,

You will be able to confirm the card used for top up, once you have topped up your account. As I can see you have only linked your card to your account.


Andreas K.


Hi Patrick.

Could you please try to verify your account now & let me know?


Andreas K.


Thank you for the reply, I tried topping up several times, it tells me that something went wrong, and to try again later.

Support is looking at manually validating the card as well.