Can't verify identity / help!!!

Hi. I’ve been trying to verify my identity and the only way the app is letting me do this is by putting money on my account with a card that has my name on it. I did that 3 times in a row so now I have a ridiculous amount of money on my account and I’m still not verified… This means I literally cannot do anything with the app, and I need my money back! HELP!!!

There are two steps of verification (can be even three).

  1. Personal- you have to send them photo of your document (id or passport or driving licence) and your selfie

  2. Card used to topup (you have to provide four digits from last topup transaction- you can find this code in description in your bank)

  3. Source of your founds- if you want to increase your annual limit

Your account is actually verified :slight_smile:

I recently turned 18 tried to log into my revolut and it won’t let me reverify my identity it just says must be 18 or older… which i am

@anon33247966 please help

I have the same issue, I can’t log in to my account. It always requests an identity check, which I do. Then never get any email or feedback back. This has been going on for months.

I still dont have a resident card from germany, but I applied for a visa and have the town register, is there any way for me to verify with this town register and passport? Due to the corona, visa card is taking 3 to 4 weeks to arrive.

I’d suggest to talk to Revolut on Twitter.

There’s a slim change that this works. Verification is about two things: identity and residency. Identity is by far the more critical step. And you don’t need the Aufenthaltstitel for this. Your passport can be used for this. This is about money laundering, that stuff. Residency determines if Revolut is allowed to sell its services to you. In some regions, they’ve accepted utility bills, rental agreements … in the past for this part.