Can't verify card


It’s been few hours I try to verify a card for top-up.

My card doesn’t have 3D characters, and have a silver world background. I guess the scanner has some hard times … Still, I’m just stuck now.

I tried to contact the support but I didn’t get a reply yet.

Can someone help me and try to find another solution to verify my card ?


Hi @gesjeremie,

Do you have the 4 digits code?


Andreas K



I have the same problem as gesjeremie, i can’t verify one of my top-up card because my card doesn’t have 3D characters. I have the 4 digits code but can’t scan the card. Is there another solution AndreasK?


Hi @kapteg92,

Yes sure, our compliance team can do it for you, but they will need a bank statement of your card that shows your transaction to Revolut and you name on it, along with the 4 digit code.

Contact our support team and ask to escalate you to the compliance team. Please explain to the team what you need.


Andreas K


I also have the following problem. The scanner doesn’t seem to recognize my topping-up debit card. Tried the support chat, but no answer.


Hey - do you have the bank statement where we can see the top ups to Revolut and your address?


@AndreasK I have the same problem. The scanner won’t accept my card. I have the 4 digit code and a screenshot of my bank statement.


Could you please send me a direct message?


Hello Mr AndreasK, I seam to have the same issue.
I have a debit card that I used to TopUp and I can’t verify it in the app. The scan is not working for me and I guess it’s because some the numbers/expiration date are hard to see sometimes.

Can you help me on how to proceed in order to get my card validated?


Hi @MissG.

I can see your card used for top up confirmed. Could you please let me know if you have sorted it out?


Andreas K.


Hello, I have the exactly same problem. Please give me a contact option, as in-app support didn’t reply since 24 of July. Thanks


Hey @AndreasK,
I was able to solve my problem.
I talked to an agent through th in app support and the card is indeed verified now.

Thanks for the support :slight_smile: