Cant verify account

Hi I have uploaded all docs required, but for days it has been saying reviewing your documents, we’ll notify you in 10 minutes. I urgently need the card as I am travelling. Please help!

@anon33247966 Hi! please can you assist

Same situation here, please help.

@anon33247966 pleaseeeeeee😐

Same here, after a few attempts with instant reject, the procedure was changed, I had to upload the picture, and now it’s stuck on pending for more than 24 hours.

Same here, after two failed attepmts to post a clear photo the process was changed and I uploaded photos of identity card and a photo of myself. Now it has been more than 24 hours and my account still has not been verified. I would like it to get verified as soon as possible because I am in a hurry. Thank you for your help.

I tried reinstalling the app and now it wont even link the card saying card has been terminated etc. This is so hassle, can anybody help! I am flying out tomorrow! :pensive: