Can't verify account! Need to move my money to ISA before April 5th!


Hi, I recently sold some bitcoins and used your app to transfer them into GBP. I’d like to put the funds into my ISA (tax free savings) before the next tax year (when my yearly allocation resets). I tried to do this using my card, but the transaction was blocked (“Unsupported Merchant”). I then tried to transfer it to one of my bank accounts, but that was blocked as well and I was asked to provide proof of identity.

I took a few pictures of my provisional driving license, but it was rejected twice, asking me for clearer pictures.

I was then asked for proof of EEA membership, to which I provided a picture of my passport. I did this 3 days ago now, and I have not heard anything from anyone. I tried to use the support chat but I haven’t had any reply.

I looked for a phone number that I could call so that I could talk to someone, but it appears that Revolut has no phone number for support. So my only options are the in app chat which no-one seems to be responding to, or to complain about it here and hope someone does something.

Is there anyone here that can help me with this? I know that these things can take time sometimes, but I’ve already waited 3 days and I’ve had no feedback on anything!


Try Twitter, Facebook or requesting help from @AndreasK

Hope you get sorted


Hi there. An agent will contact you via in-app chat shortly.

Apologies for the delay.


All sorted, thanks for helping.


Glad it worked - hope the ISA’s are profitable.