Can't verify account and poor support

Hi today I wanted to verify my account and then the verification has failed and the reason was the DOB does not match with your account. So i’ve sent a message through the in app chat and a operator said to me that the Belgian id card we’re not supported by revolut and he asked me about 5 time a picture of my ID card so I wanted to change of agent and he refused !

So did you upload that picture?

Yes a picture of the front of my card and the back and of my face holding the card but the agent keep repeating that my card is not supported ( I live in Belgium^^) and he want a passport but in Belgium a passport in not required

If it is an official ID that should be sufficient.

Lets tag @AndreasK and @JessicaZ, they should be hopefully able to sort that out.

Yes It’s an official ID, and the agent on the in app chat is getting on my nerves…

Unfortunately you are not 18 yet :slight_smile:

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Could I get help with the same problem please.