Can't upload documents to get verified

Hi, I downloaded the app today and filled out everything inc. uploaded a picture.
I then wanted to top up the account, so selected the amount and picked bank transfer. When I clicked on ‘activate account’ the message was as follow: “to activate your account you need to verify your identity”. Clicking on that option took me back to asking me to send money first…When I Google the issue the answer I get is I need to upload some sort of ID by clicking on the upload picture tab. Well it doesn’t give me that option…Any idea what is going on?

Hey @Gina :slight_smile:

You can try here:
More tab -> Profile -> Verification and limits

If you still can’t find it there, you can always try to reach the in-app support chat
More tab -> Support -> Live chat

Hi Juliopp,

I have tried it under ‘profile’ and ‘verification and limits’ and I have also tried the chat option. The robot said someone will be available in about 2 hours. I asked if I and how I should be staying in the app for that amount of time and naturally got no answer back…

Hey @Gina :slight_smile:

You can leave the app while you’re waiting, that’s perfectly fine :slight_smile:

However, if you’re on Android, please remember to come back to check the chat regularly, as push notifications are temporarily not working :wink:

I’ll give it a go Juliopp, thanks!

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Can you please try again now?

Hi I am having the same issue as Gina and I have tried to get support for several days now, but I always seem to get a reply when it’s night time like 3am, please help