Can't unblock card. PIN entered wrong 3 times.


Hello, I am currently in Japan and was trying to withdraw money using my revolut card but I enterws my PIN incorrectly 3 times because I forgot what it was. I now know what it is, but need to unblock the card. I have tried contacting the in-app support but I only receive unhelpful automated responses.

Any help?


Hey @maxgeorgiou14

Type live agent in the chat :wink:


Hi there. I can see an agent was able to assist you. Please make sure the next transaction is made using chip & PIN. :slight_smile:


worth pointing out that you can view your PIN under the “cards” section of the app


Hi, I’m Riki. I’m abroad at the moment and my card has been blocked because I entered the wrong PIN 3 times. I already used the chat but nothing happened yet. This is the only card I have please could you help me?


write live agent on the chat


I have done that, but nobody answered


sometimes Twitter seems to work too, but it’s a sunny long weekend in London and most agents are probably off duty


Thank you Alejandro, do you know if there is a number I can call ?


there is one on the back of the card, +442033228352, but I would expect the wait to be as long as on the chat… just a little bit more expensive


This number is only for blocking lost cards. It’s an automated phone line and putting in the card number results in a blocked card.


Hi, i have the same problem. Just arrived to Morocco, used wrong PIN and it’s blocked. No one is responding on the chat- this support really sucks:(. It’s my first day and have no money… Anyone from Revolut here that can support?